TSD Engineering OfficesExpect more. We’ll deliver.

At TSD Engineering, we’re about your end result. We understand that our civil engineering services are part of your larger vision. That’s why we consider each project in the context of the total site design — offering expert consulting and collaboration that contributes to your success.

Expect more vision.

Our multi-disciplinary team of civil engineers has planned commercial projects, shopping centers, multi-family housing, residential and industrial projects. We consider, from start to finish, how our plans ultimately impact your finished development.

Expect more in the details.

We examine all relevant aspects of the project to establish a solid foundation that leads to more concise reports and studies. Plus, we present our reports clearly and professionally, with bindings, tabs and graphics that add authority and improve readability.

Expect more service.

We assign a single individual to oversee your project from start to finish, reducing the possibility of oversights and ensuring more efficient project management. Our entire team works with leading-edge software, database and research tools to ensure you receive the highest quality analysis, reports and plans. Plus, we keep the workflow moving with industry AutoCAD files that can be shared easily.

Expect more quality.

Based on nearly a decade of successful projects, our experts have developed a 70-point checklist that we apply to every single project. Expert project managers and engineers review all 70 points together to ensure consistency, compliance and accurate completion of project objectives.

Since our first project in 2003, our clients have learned to expect more from TSD Engineering. We combine the highest quality civil engineering professional services with a culture dedicated to exceeding expectations.

Go ahead. Expect more. We’re overachievers.


"In my opinon, TSD is “above the many” I have worked with in the last 30 years. They are super people and great engineers."

Camille Courtney
Rancho Cortina Properties