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Sustainability has begun to permeate every aspect of the design and construction of buildings and infrastructure. TSD’s role as civil engineers is to support and advance the green agendas of architects, design-build professionals, public agencies, and private developers by optimizing materials and synergy that contributes to various architectural and engineering design/development disciplines.

TSD embraces the LEED rating system as a guide to current best practice and as a direct expression of its commitment to sustainable solutions. Concurrently, the firm is engaged in a process of discovering and applying the cutting-edge materials, systems, and analytical tools that will define best practice in the future.

TSD Engineering’s immediate sustainability commitment is to its clients and projects. Our engineers can design sustainable facilities, such as Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan, Hydrograph Modification Management Plan, and Storm Water Quality BMP’s and assess the feasibility and design for the available space allocation to implement such facilities. Although engineering has been underemphasized in sustainable design to date, TSD is looking forward to the future changes in this trend.

As always, TSD Engineering remains committed to offering more and delivering more.

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